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Pro Loco Calosso

In an Italy different from that of today, many years ago, in the village of Calosso not too different in its physical configuration (but very different in the new intriguing melting pot of languages and traditions of recent years) there was a Pro Loco made up of people to whom we owe a great cultural as well as emotional debt. Remembering them, not just nostalgically, gives us an injection of energy to carry on even in this somewhat closed Italy of the beginning of the century. I speak of an age when much time and passion were spent in party preparations that, first of all, gave the simple pleasure of just being together. Many things, many ideas were born in what, jokingly, everyone called Breda (like the famous Officine Breda in Milan),

but was more prosaically the humble artisan workshop of Carlo Borgnetto, known as Carlin. Despite an annoying disability, Carlin was the soul and brains of the Polentone (Big Polenta) and the Feast of the Blessed. On the Monday of the "Blessed" Carlin prepared, completely at his own expense, the terracotta pignatta (cooking pot) that blindfolded children had to break with a stick then throw themselves among the pieces to retrieve some sweets, a chocolate bar or a piece of nougat. The President, then, (in a "then" that is a bit vague as it is with hazy memories that get mixed up with dreams) was perhaps Dr. Monticone. The more I think of the doctor, the more I am convinced that he was, in the small village of Calosso of that time, a strange yet harmonious anomaly, a world traveller and connoisseur.

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