Paludo Project

Paludo, as many know, is a wetland that sits across the boundaries of 3 municipalities (Calosso, Costigliole and Agliano). The area is not only interesting due to the presence of a pond and a number streams but is also characterised by the presence of flora and above all of fauna of rare beauty and uniqueness. The idea is therefore to preserve the area and use it for tourism purposes as an additional asset to Calosso’s popularity, together with the crotin, our historic buildings and other beauties of the area. This initiative is only undertaken with the full collaboration of the landowners, on whom absolutely nothing is imposed. They are asked to, if they intend to collaborate in this beautiful project, to simply keep the environment as it is, avoiding any interventions that might alter its characteristics; an approach that has now been in place for several years. If agreed, we will construct some observational huts that will serve visitors who are particularly attracted by the riches of this natural environment. Money will not be sought from the Municipality and only the proceeds from private fundraising initiatives will be used. • Download complete MAP of the territory • Download complete DOCUMENT of the project