Municipality of Calosso, Unesco "Core zone"

Finally, recognition has arrived and without hesitation we dedicate it to our fathers, to the past generations of farmers who rode and tamed our hills drawing the wonderful and spectacular landscape that today is a World Heritage Site. Here are the statistics relating to this achievement: 6 Core Zones or areas of excellence that include 29 Municipalities (10,789 hectares), a large buffer zone that brings the total number of Municipalities involved to 101. There are now a total of 50 Italian UNESCO sites with an average growth in tourism of 30% recorded in the first years after recognition. Emulating this level of growth is of course dependent on the promotional and other relevant activities carried out by the territory.

The area of our Moscato is, as is well known, represented by the Core Zone "Canelli and Asti Spumante".
In this are annexed territories of the Municipalities of Canelli, S. Stefano Belbo and Calosso are in a restricted portion, while within the larger Buffer Zone there are a total of 39 Municipalities of Moscato (of the latter, Serralunga d'Alba, Neive and Nizza Monferrato are also included in other Core Zones).

We know that this designation is the result of a downsizing after the first UNESCO bid was rejected. The idea of the UNESCO candidacy started from the Underground Cathedrals of Canelli and the Moscato area was initially drawn much wider.

The territory that will manage this UNESCO world heritage site status will commit itself to offer the world our great beauty and the quality of our products. It bears only one name "Langhe-Roero and Monferrato". United and comitted, we will certainly be able to grow and open up to the world.

UNESCO MAP • Association of Municipalities of Moscato