"A village is needed, if only for the sake of leaving. A village means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in the plants, in the earth there is something of yours, that even when you are not there is waiting for you."

Cesare Pavese - "La luna e i falò"

I had it all in my memory, I was my village myself: it was enough for me to close my eyes and collect myself… To feel that my blood, my bones, my breath, everything was made of that substance and beyond me and that earth there was nothing.

These days

"What is this valley for a family that comes from the sea, that knows nothing about the moon and bonfires? You must have made your bones, have it in your bones like wine and good bread, then you know it without needing to talk about it."

Cesare Pavese - "La luna e i falò"

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